Thursday, December 29, 2005

Let's Play Catch-Up

Okay, I know it's been a while since I really blogged so here goes.

We (Crissy, Terri, and I) had a fabulous time in Destin. We read, slept, read, ate, read, shopped, read, played cards.... We really missed Angela, Jennifer, and Amber, but we managed to struggle through without them. ;) It turned out to be a good thing that Angela didn't come because Jennifer had Addie by c-section on Friday and Kaylee got really sick about then too.

We had a great Christmas. The boys really liked the stuff we got them. We have really scaled back the amount we spend on gifts. I have learned to say "I'm sorry, but we don't have the money to do that." (Really hard for me 'cause I like to spend money!) We only pay cash, no credit of any kind. This means less gifts and more careful shopping.

We realized that we were losing sight of the purpose for Christmas. God didn't decide that we needed another reason to get gifts or buy stuff. He sent His Son, the King of Israel, the Prince of Peace, Jesus, to redeem me. Why? Because death owned me. My sin was my master, my owner. I had to be purchased by blood. For me to be free from sin, Jesus had to sacrifice everything. He left behind comfort, servants, His position, everything that we works towards.

That just puts it in perspective for me.


Angela said...

AMEN Sister!!!

Mike said...

NOW you all see part of the reason I'm so very proud of my girls and their husbands and children. :-)