Wednesday, October 22, 2008


BREN DOES NOT HAVE VIRAL MENINGITIS!!! Thank you God! The doctor did some tests and determined that Bren's neck was sore from the football game Friday night, not illness. The good part is that the achiness and stiffness is all but gone. Woohoo!

Poor Gracie, however, is still sick. Her temp is not so high these days (102 vs 104). Her symptoms cycle: first neck pain, followed by fever spike, stomach cramps, and vomiting. Very draining on her poor little body. It's been going on for 11 days now.

Crissy talked to the doctor today. He wants to Gracie to see a pediatric rheumatologist. He is now starting to suspect possibly juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Please pray with us that she will get well and does not have RA.

Continue to pray for continued healing for Crissy's mouth and jaw. She is still experiencing pain, just not at the level that it has been. She is tired of hurting and wants relief.

My foot is better. I still have to soak it, remove the scab, and irrigate with alcohol. Needless to say, it still hurts when I do that. ;) Most of the time, I don't notice my incision during the day. At night, if I have done too much, it burns and throbs.

My, aren't we a pitiful bunch! Progress for us is slow but steady. We covet your prayers still. Thank you for the emails, comments, and calls asking about us. We enjoy being reminded that we are loved.

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Anonymous said...

good news about brenden! i hate to hear gracie is still struggling. poor crissy and chris. i was diagnosed with ra two years ago after i had brandon. never had any problems before that. thankfully i have no problems during my pregnancy, which my doctor told me might happen. we still keep you all in our prayers. glad to hear your foot update too! lol.