Friday, November 16, 2007

Sister Chicks

Tonight, several of us ladies gathered at Crissy's for our Friday night ladies' night. These are so awesome. I would love for every woman to have this kind of circle of friends. We laugh, share, and cry together. Sometimes we even lovingly correct each other. It has always been a good thing. We call ourselves the Sister Chicks.

These get-togethers are always open-invitation to whoever wants to come, bring a friend, whatever. But recently, some people have commented that they feel left out and/or not welcome. Have we done something to exclude them? I don't know. Are they feeling unwelcome because of my selfish nature? I don't know. I do know that God has promised to show me my sin if I ask. Problem is, I don't want to know. How selfish is that?! Please pray for my sin to be revealed to me.

I miss our friends who have moved away (Angela) or have new schedules that don't allow them to come (Jennifer). I wish that my longlost friend (Tricia) could experience one of these ladies' nights. She would have a blast and would keep all of us in stitches.

If you don't have this kind of friendship, I will pray that God would share it with you. If you do have it, thank God for it because it's a blessing and a rarity. Pass it on. Look for ways and opportunites to develop these bonds.


Kim said...

Good post...I miss Friday night at Crissy's. I hope to bring my sister and her brood over when she comes up with me.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the Sister Chicks Books. They are wonderful! I literally cannot read them around Brian because I laugh outloud too many times and it gets on his nerves! I'm so glad you are posting again, Mrs. Poston.

Laura Leigh said...

It's good to read your latest posts, Kim. I look forward to coming to Crissy's again sometime soon. And as for your friend, Tricia, I clicked on her blog and noticed that she only lives in Villa Rica, Georgia: That's not very far, you know; I think you should treat yourself and go and see her.

Tricia Speaks said...

I know exactly how you feel. Remember, feeling welcome can come from either the hostess or the attendant. It sometimes means that ones heart is not receptive to the enviroment/message. Maybe something that was discussed stepped on some toes and convicted thier hearts thus making them feel uncomfortable. God has many tools for his work, the trouble is sometimes we do not know who his message is for, the messenger or the message recepient. Or both. Ask God to open your heart either way. I will pray for the same. I do wish I could be there and maybe I can come over some day soon.


Crissy said...

It's so wonderful to be love and be loved in return.

Amber said...

I noticed what night you posted this, and I just want to say thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder. You are a true spiritual mother to me.

(Ok, ok, enough mushiness before we all start tearing up!)

You are very right though, those nights are extremely special and I will never take them for granted. Love you.