Monday, December 03, 2007

A God Thing

I am sitting on the couch, relaxing with a cup of coffee and my laptop. This has been a terrific day! I have:

homeschooled 4 kids
cleaned house
gone to the bank and Sam's
gone Christmas shopping
eaten Chinese out with my family
stopped for milk
gone to piano lessons
picked up Melody from school
helped her with homework
finished laundry
made homemade lasagna
made pumpkin bread from scratch
helped Ellas and Aden with Christmas paperchains
cleaned the kitchen again....

I now feel tired. I didn't until I realized all that God allowed me to accomplish. Before you turn green with envy at my efficiency and productivity, this kind of day happens once or twice a year. I'm pretty sure that God gives me these days as gifts, reminders of how necessary He is in my day-to-day life. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I could never do this without yelling or some other sin on my part. This is what my family calls "a God thing."


Anonymous said...

Will you come over to my house tomorrow??? =(

Kim said...

I'm envious.

love you anyway...

Paige M said...

OK, I was waiting on you to say "just kidding", but it never came!! WOW. And I'm in my pajamas at 8:45. I'm inspired now. Gotta get busy.

heather said...

Awesome way to go.

Missy said...

Yeah I was waiting for the punch line too! Congratulations on a great day!