Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Many Things

Sometimes I have an overwhelming feeling that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I know this is true all of the time, but sometimes I don't FEEL it. Do you know what I mean? Strange, I know.

I miss Crissy. We haven't talked for a few days because of schedule conflicts and both of us being too busy and distracted. I won't be able to really connect with her until Thursday or Friday at the earliest. Erg!!!! So annoying!

I am seriously peeved that I have to leave the house in a few minutes. Kayla and Bren have a Key Club meeting from 2-3 at the church. Mel has to be picked up from twirling at 5. Ellas has choir at 5:30. Kayla has voice at 6. We all have classes at 6:30. Busy, busy, busy. I don't want to leave. I am warm, comfortable, pain-free, and having fun.

I hate money. Too much, not enough, it doesn't matter. It's just different sides of the same nasty coin. I HATE MONEY!!!!! Why does God have it here? What is it's purpose? Only He knows. I'm pretty sure that there will be no money in Heaven.

Sorry if this has been incoherent. This is what the inside of my head sounds like some days. Scary, huh?! :D


Anonymous said...

I hate thinking about money too. It's all I've been consumed with here lately. Made me think some things have got to change next Christmas. I'm ready to start enjoying the season again. I feel like some days I'm never satisfied. When I have something to do, I feel overwhelmed. When I have nothing on the adgenda I am bored out of my mind and I stare blankly at the computer screen, totally uninspired. BLAH!

Crissy said...

I missed you too.

BTW, thanks for the keybaord so I can blog!