Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Talented Friend

I have a wonderfully talented friend, Jessica Wright. She is truly one of the best photographers I have ever seen. We went to the park this morning for our family portraits and had a blast. She took a lot of candid pics and some funny ones too.

Scott and I have only a few photos from when we got married. (We got married at the courthouse without family.) Jess took pics of our rings and of me sitting in Scott's lap. Scott then decided since it's the modern age, he should sit in my lap. Well, he did. It was fun and funny. We were all in silly moods.

I bribed Ellas with ice cream so that he would do his Macauley Culken impression from "Home Alone." It was so cute. Jess also got pics of him checking out the minnows and tadpoles in the creek. Fun! Bren, of course, was too cool to do silly poses. He had her take some relaxed, shirt-untucked, pics for his FaceBook page. The poses of the boys together are awesome. Ellas got into the spirit of things. He wanted his picture made in the hippo's mouth. (The hippo is a little tunnel toy on the playground.) It was funny to see the poses he came up with.

Jessica said that the pictures should be ready in about a week. She's going to post a few on her blog when they're ready. If she hasn't done your pictures yet, you should call to set up a time with her. She really is talented and fun. She makes it a relaxed, not stressful happening. Much better than a studio sitting!!!!


Crissy said...

AMEN!!!! She is soooo worth the money!

Anonymous said...

I mentioned her doing our family pictures after Christmas. I am praying that after the holidays my weekends will be a little less demanding! Then again, I will probably be sitting on my couch depressed because the holidays are over! Never satisfied am I! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful family in print.