Friday, February 08, 2008

our trip part 1

okay, where to start? we are in north carolina visiting my lovely inlaws. we've been here since tuesday. our trip up was a long, but fun affair that lasted about 3 hours longer than it had to.

we loaded up and went to vote. then we had to go to a house on hwy 119 to return a guitar cable to one of bren's friends. aparently, he couldn't live without it until we got back. :) next stop? food world pharmacy to get a medicine that they couldn't fill on the day before. we got on the road a good bit later than we had anticipated.

we met crissy at the eden exit to get gracie and her things. this was fun. (i'm not being sarcastic. it was fun.)

now we were on our way. we got to the outskirts of atlanta with no problems or delays. then i see an suv in front of us that was leaning to one side. i was driving along trying to figure this out when i realized the lady had a flat on the front. i'm not talking about a low tire, i mean running-on-the-rim kind of flat. i leaned over scott, who was snoozing, to wave at this older lady so i could let her know that she needed to pull over. at first, she was completely oblivious. she had her head leaned back, and she was singing her head off. it was very funny. then, when she saw me waving like a lunatic from our loaded-down-like-the-beverly-hillbillies minivan, it scared her to death. anyway, we both pulled over and got out of our cars. scott offered to change her tire. (please refer to previous post about my wonderful hubby.) so we spent the next hour trying to decipher her owner's manual for her suburban. now this manual was for at least 6 different vehicles, so it got a little confusing. turned out her jack was under a side cubby in the back that wasn't labeled. we got her spare out from under the suv and in position. then scott discovered that she had the wrong kind of jack. at it's highest, it wasn't tall enough by about 4". we dug our jack out from under our jed clampett-style cargo area, changed the tire, and got back on the road.

we grabbed a bite to eat at the next exit, and i decided to catch a nap while scott drove. now, we were supposed to take I85 north out of atlanta. when i woke up, we were still on I20 and almost to augusta! after calculating our new route, we discovered that we had just added another hour and 20 minutes to our trip. aahhh!!!! needless to say, i didn't sleep anymore.

the rest of the trip was uneventful. well, except for the 500 DEAD SKUNKS on the side of the road! i swear, the skunk population was cut in half. not a lovely smell. anyway, we got here safely and in good spirits. the kids were terific, scott and i got along great. who said the age of miracles is past?!

more about our trip later.

love and miss ya'll.


Anonymous said...

Crissy told us Wednesday night that you guys were out of town "with her baby, Gracie". Glad to hear you all still in good spirits despite all the setbacks. I wish I could say Brian and I would be that calm and collective on such a trip, but I doubt it! Thank goodness for our navsystem, is all I can say. I think it saved our marriage.

We will miss you tonight. Please be safe on your way back to Moody. I know that route you are taking very well on I20, Brian's dad lives in Augusta. Yeah, you were just a liiiiittle off course! We miss you too, Kimmi!

heather said...

Love a road trip!!! Be safe and have fun I have been praying for you mt fellow herd mate.

Missy said...

Oh...were are you in NC? My favorite state in the union!

How nice of you to take a niece. Fun times with Aunt Kimmi!

Have fun and be careful coming back :)

Kimmi said...

missy, we're in the reidsville area, north of greensboro.