Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

Have you ever had a friend that you lost touch with and missed desperately? I have a couple of them. One such friend is Tom, from college. He was part of my friend group in Marion. He and I, along with Barbara, Jason, Denise, Shawn, Little Bit, Patrick, Jesse, Beck, and others hung out and went everywhere together. Our group was inseparable.

After college, I lost touch with all of them. I haven't talked to or heard from them since. A few years ago, I got a call from Tom when he was moving from New Orleans to Birmingham for his work. A couple of high school friends- Denise, her hubbie Brad- and I went down to help him move. It was cool having meals with Tom at my parents' home and with other friends. Then Scott and I moved to South Carolina, and we lost touch yet again.

Out of the blue, Tom emailed me the other day. He and his family live in Tennessee now. He's married to a girl named Kim (weird, huh?), and they have a 5 year old daughter named Kiersten. Kim and Tom met in '99 here in B'ham where they worked for the same company.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this. I am so excited to have heard from him. I checked with Scott before I emailed Tom back, and he was fine with it. I have really missed my friends from school. It's wonderful to have one of them back.

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