Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Crissy and I have a friday girls' night every week. Our women friends bring their kids to my Crissy's house out in the country. The kids play outside, catching fireflies, building forts, swinging over and into the creek. You know, the fun stuff that we all did as kids that only require imagination and no electricity. The moms fix dinner and serve the kids. Then we sit around the kitchen table and talk, laugh, cry, whatever is needed that night. We always leave reluctantly, knowing that we are loved, appreciated, supported. I am way closer to these ladies than I am to most of my family. We have been doing this for around 10 years now, and keep adding new friends to the mix. Some friends have moved away and are starting their own friday girls' night with their new friends. Our hope and prayer is that this will sweep the country. All women, regardless of politics or class, need this affirmation that what we do as moms and wives and sisters is important and necessary. God has given us a sacred trust, that of raising Godly men and women. We need to remember that we matter and are relevant even on days when the focus of our conversations is potty traing a reluctant two year old. So, please, come join us. We would love to have you and your little ones.


Ginger said...

You described those nights perfectly. I love them and need them! And I cherish the ladies at Community, who God has given me in this season of my life. I hope to take the love, honesty and acceptance I've experienced to England and eventually have my own Friday nights!

Anonymous said...

I love my Community Women. I keep telling Crissy I'm going to come out there but have yet to make it. Will someone please come kidnap me next Friday night?

Crissy said...

I love Friday nights. I love that my husband loves them too.