Monday, October 06, 2008


My foot is driving me crazy! It hurts, AND it itches like mad! There is no in-between unless I am asleep. I need to sleep more so that I don't go insane from the itching. :(

I am going back to the doctor in the morning for a recheck. Hopefully, it'll be good news. I am still soaking and bandaging it like I was told. I quit taking the antibiotics though. I know, I know. The doc prescribed them, so I should take them. I quit, however, because they always cause a pretty severe issue for me. No more details on that! lol

Just keep praying for me to finish healing quickly. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement so far. I even had a dear friend bring us supper Saturday evening! The timing was perfect, and so was the food. Thank you, Babs!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, here's a blast from your past....

guess who. :P

Would you believe, Tom emailed me just yesterday and included his blog addy? Well, I read his blog (didn't take long) and noticed a comment from Kimmi...i thought, hmm?? So, what did I do? yep, you guess it, I tripped right onto your blog. WOW has time flown. I even found my name mentioned in one cool is that? I have a blog too...not quite as elaborate as yours (mine is more photography). I had another boring stupid blog but decided to delete that, why? dunno.

Oh, found tricia's too... she still blogging? Her last post was a year ago?