Friday, February 06, 2009

My favorite room

I have 2 fave rooms in my house. Our bedroom a fave and really great because Scott designed and decorated it around my likes, favorite color, and place. I love the ocean, the water, the lighthouses, the different shades of blue. He also built a waterbed for me for my back. Loverly!

My other fave room is the living room because that's where we spend the most time. It's a comfy relaxed room for us to be together, watch tv, play games, etc. Super fun with my 3 crazy guys!

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Anonymous said...

You know, I've never thought about my favorite rooms until I read your post...I too love my bedroom.

I have to say, my favorite thing about our, windows everywhere. Two walls, nothing but windows. I love sunlight.

Last summer Brad and I bought our first ever bedroom suit. Our bedroom furniture was a mix of my bedroom suit (when i was a teen) and some that his mom had "donated" when we moved to South Dakota. When we moved back to B'ham, we bought a king sized bed but that was it. So for the past 18 years, we had a crazy mix of furniture that didn't match.

Our bedroom now? Asian, we love it. We have a Queen sized platform bed, a high chest and a dresser. No old fashioned mirrors anywhere. We have bamboo blinds, a beautiful Cherry Blossom print, bamboo hangings and wonderful sheets and comforter set.

My other favorite room? Our dinning room. Hardwood floor, slate fire place, muddy brown walls (yes, mud, it's gorgeous), a dinning room table that will seat 8 (even though we only have 6 chairs), rod iron wall decor, my abstract painting and more windows. The room is full of windows, one wall...nothing but windows. Have I mentioned I love sunlight? ;-)

PS, I finally went to the doctor. I have bronchitis (am contagious too) Stupidly, I went to work Wednesday and didn't last an hour. I've been so tired. So, I left and came home to sleep. Got up yesterday morning and went to the doctor, got a shot too...YEAY. Needless to say, I've got lots of drugs and should be well soon.

Okay, sorry for writing a book in your comments. :P