Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Shot, One Kill

My husband is the most awesome man on the planet!!!!!! He really is my hero. Let me tell you what my Marine did tonight. I was sitting on the couch, watching a Britcom when movement caught my eye. A mouse ran under the coffee table and then under the entertainment center. I told Scott, and he got the bb gun ready. When I tapped the side of the tv cabinet, the mouse stuck his little gray head out for a look around. Big mistake! My man shot him in his little mousy head!!!! Oh, yes he did girl! Woohoo!

I am telling you, my man is phenomenal. He really can do anything! He's done this kinda thing before. This same situation happened about 4 years ago. Only that time, the bloody bb rolled to a stop at my feet after passing through that nasty little mouse's head. Ugh!

Oh, btw, I took the carcass outside to see if one of the 3 Siamese kittens who adopted us this morning would know what to do with it. Akia, one of the cats, just about took off one of my fingers trying to get a good hold on the mouse. LOL


Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds as if the kittens had a yummy little meal.

Blah. :)

Hope you both had a really nice Valentine's Day.

Missy said...

That made me laugh and I needed to laugh today!

TurtlesButterfly said...

Yay! Marines are the best. .oO(I may be slightly biased though.)

michelle said...

LOL!!! That is awesome! He IS amazing! I love it!