Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A New Day

Well, today was the first day of this grading period for us in our homeschooling. We got a lot done. We've started a new unit study on the Earth. I hope the boys will like it. We'll be making a model of the Earth, a volcano, and other fun stuff.

It's always a challenge to take a subject, like the Earth's structure, and make it fun and informative for a kindergartener and an 8th grader. What a difference in learning!! It definitely takes some extra work and research, but it's worth it when my youngest looks at a picture of the solar system and can tell me something about each planet, the sun, etc. There's just nothing better for a teacher than that.

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Leslie said...

Wow! You actually teach? Your kids actually learn? Is that what homeschooling is? I wish I would have known that b/f I started my homeschooling venture ;0)