Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Love Lucy

Have you talked with me lately? If you have, you will have noticed that my brain has stopped functioning properly. Ordinarily, I am logical and organized, a list-maker. The last week or so, not so much. I have become a total ditz! I guess I am on overload. Do you ever have so many trains of thought that you just kinda short- circuit? It's like my poor old grey matter has finally reached the limit of what it can handle. I've been dreaming up plans that are worthy of the "I Love Lucy" show. I keep expecting a hot latin guy to come in and say, "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do." Ssshhh! Don't tell Scott. ;) lol I guess if Scott and I are Ricky and Lucy, then Chris and Crissy must be Fred and Ethel. LOL!!!! I have definitely lost it. That reminds me of a little ditty from when we were kids:

They're coming to take me away. Haha!
They're coming to take me away. Hoho!
To the funny farm,
Where life is grand.

And on that bizarre note, I am going to bed. See ya!


Anonymous said...

LOL. Sometimes it can be fun to live in a brain fog! At least it makes really funny posts. You seemed perfectly fine to me Monday morning?

Paige M said...

You make me laugh. "to the funny farm where life is grand, hee hee hoo hoo, haa haa" I have that stuck in my head now.

Missy said...

You mean you are not married to hot latino guy?

Would sure love to socialize with all of you people soon!